Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Drop Leaf Expedit

Materials: Ikea Expedit, Various sizes

Description: I needed a large workspace with lots of storage in my small studio; and sometimes, I needed to not have such a large workspace in my small studio. After looking a gate leg tables, extendable tables, shelves and every combination thereof, I finally decided to hack an Expedit to fit the bill.

A combination of Expedit units, a luan bifold door, and some drop leaf table hardware made for the exact unit I needed, both when I need space and when I don'€™t. Just lift the tabletop, slide out the latch, and I have a 36"€ x 78"€ workspace. Slide the latches back in, and I have a 18"€x78" inch wall storage unit.

Expedit Units:
1-1x5 (I left out one shelf to accommodate a small flat screen tv)
2-1x2 (I originally planned to mix and match a 2x2 and 1x1 to create these, but when I got to Ikea, they already had the 1x2's available)

Expedit Inserts, as desired- I used one drawer unit and one door unit.

1 36 x 78 inch luan Bifold door (hinges already attached, stained or painted to match Expedit)

2 pairs of sliding drop leaf table hardware

Assemble Expedit, stain bifold door if necessary.

Line up 2x2 units, side by side, (If hacking by yourself, turn them perpendicular to wall to hold the tabletop while you work.) Lay the bifold door flat over the units.

Stack 1x2 units on top outside edges of bifold door, then stack 1x5 unit horizontally over top of 1x2 units. Adjust units so everything is centered.

Mark the latch placement for 2 outside drop leaf latches on the outside edges of the bifold door on the underside. Make sure you attach close to the edge so your screws bite into the framing wood of the door, under the surface. Attach. I used longer wood screws than were provided, just to get a good anchor.

(If you turned the 2x2s to hold the door, un-stack entire unit. Turn 2x2'€™s parallel with wall, leaving space between. make sure they line up inside the hardware already attached.)

Attach 2 drop leaf latches in the center space, as far apart a you are able.

Re-stack entire unit. Add boxes for storage as desired.

I did not attach my pieces together, because they need to be movable, but joining brackets on the back are probably a good idea for permanent installation.

~ Diann Liptak, Richmond, Virginia, USA

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