Monday, 15 April 2013

House fitted Lamp with floating TORKA Sticks

The hovering Lamp in romantic mode 

Materials: TORKA Dekorationstrab, LEDSJÖ Wandleuchte, LENDA Meterware

Description: House fitted Lamp with floating TORKA Sticks

My First IKEA Hack ... without knowing it

We moved into our house a year ago and I would have expected to find a decent, fitting lamp by then. But it seemed impossible. We could not find a lamp that you'd have remotely fitting the location and be functional and beautiful and inspiring to look at.

So I made a sketch and surprisingly found all the accessories needed at IKEA - except for the wooden frame and some extra add-ons:

- TORKA Deko Stick, 4 pcs
- LEDSJÖ Light, 1 pc
- LENDA Meterware approx. 5 m

* 60W Halogen Flood Light for the unromantic occasions you want pure white light to insert the string in the needle.
* A Remote with 433 Mhz switch to dim the Halogen power
* A cable to attach to the roof, activate the romantic LED only mode.
* a strong fish rope to have the (3 m) hovering effect of the lap
* a thin fish rope (1,5 m) to attach the TORKA Sticks.
* Aluminum paper from the Kitchen

The Frame was conceived by modeling the form of our house and room which is a trapezoid. On the photos this is rarely noticeable - but was remarked on second sight by all the visitors :)

I used 1cmx1cm wooden sticks to provide a solid frame. On this frame, I applied the LEDSJÖ– Light, the Remote 433 Mhz switch and the Halogen Booster.

I decided to use this dual Light construction because in 9 out of 10 occasions you would want a soft if not romantic dining light whereas in the latter occasion you would need a bright light to work on the table without the hassle of moving an extra light around. Like this, we have an economy LED Light for most purposes and a remotely 60W Halogen Floodlight.

The LENDA was carefully wrapped around it on the outside. As the lamps would still shine through it, I decided to add some Aluminum paper on the inside and cover this up with some more LENDA from inside only.

Now it was a solid brown that would NOT shine through but instead would shine only on the white TORKA Sticks (See effects on the pictures).

The four TORKA Sticks where attached with the thin fish rope so that it would appear as a hovering, shining sticks in the dark. Then the lamp was attached on the ceiling with the strong fish rod.

I will produce another lamp that will be a little smaller and also in the shape oif the house so that there is a perspective affect which will again emphasis the shape of the house form the outside on the inside.

Flood light mode on the floating TORKA Sticks

The Lamp from underneath
- The hanging TORKA Sticks and the fish rod are visible.
- The wooden frame shines through beside the lamp
- The separately, remote switchable halogen floodlight is clearly visible.

~ Patrick, Vienna

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