Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Expedit Cash Wrap

Materials: Expedit 4x2, door inserts, casters, wallpaper

Description: While in the process of opening a retail shop on a very small budget I spent months searching for a cash wrap counter with clean modern lines and portability so that I could easily move it around to suit redecorating, only to find that what I was looking for was well out of my target price range.

The perfect solution actually turned out to be the Expedit 4x2 unit in gloss white, turned on its side with locking casters. I wallpapered the back of the shelf inserts, and while I love the look now I also love that it can be easily changed; and I drilled a small hole for the cash register wires. The top of this unit is the perfect size for a standard cash register, and the doors provide plenty of supply and file storage.

Hopefully this helps an entrepreneur on a budget ;)

~ Dyani Brunner, Ventura, CA

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