Thursday, 27 December 2012

Expedit workstation

Materials: Expedit shelving unit 2�4 / Expedit shelving unit 2�2 / Lagan countertop 1,2m / Ekby St�dis

Description: I was looking for a ergonomic desktop, with a countertop height of 740mm and a keyboard countertop height of 660mm which match my body (I need to implement this last thing) and storage. Make one solid wood was too expensive and I don't have tools to make it so I look at Ikea's catalog.

The Expedit lacks some shelves to mount the Lagan countertop which is screwed on Ekby St�dis on the 4�2 side and is laid and screwed on the 2�2 side on a home made support (made with rubbish pieces of melamine). I made this support because the 2�2 is not full and I couldn't screw an ekby st�dis firmly in it.

I had an insert with two drawers and some boxes and a pluggis recycling bin.
All of this is non destructive, I can still disassemble and reassemble separately.

~ Romain, France

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