Monday, 24 December 2012

Designer-Lamp from a vase

Materials: BLADET 45 cm

Description: Here my "??Hack�?" of an IKEA Bladet (45 cm) vase into a "??Designer-Lamp"�.

The "Highlight" of this floor lamp is the use of a Squirrel Cage bulb (in my case a Globe with a Diameter of 120 mm).

The vase "Bladet" is very suitable for this project, because of the thickness of the glass (about 10-12 mm at the ground) which is quite insensible, as you have to drill a hole with a diamond coated hole saw drill in the middle (!) of the bottom.

I have never drilled a hole in glass before and used a very cheap diamond coated drill (...eBay), watched some "??how-to-drill-glass-videos" at youtube and it was quite easy.

The required electrical material (screwed tube, screw nuts, a porcelain bulb socket (for screwed tube), cable, light switch and a plug) you should find at your local do-it-yourself-store.

Because I took a squirrel cage bulb I used a dimmer instead of a light switch because it looks very cool, if the bulb is just glowing.

After drilling the whole (in the diameter of the screwed tube), you have to assemble the bulb socket on the tube. Afterwards you fix the screwed tube with each one nut over and one nut under the glass-bottom. If you add rubber washers, you can "move" the tube a little bit if you worked/drilled inaccurate.

As distance between bottom and ground (because of the cable) I fixed five rubber buffers (DIY-store) with double-sided tape.

At least I filled the vase with sand up to the bulb-socket. This looks cool and prevents the lamp from tipping over.

~ J�rg, Germany

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