Friday, 5 October 2012

LERBERG as bookshelf extension

Materials: LERBERG DVD rack

Description: I am always trying to fit more books into our place. Now we don't have any more wall or floor space, but books keep accumulating...

So I came up with - not a real hack, since I didn't alter anything - but a new use for the LERBERG DVD rack.

Screwed to the side of a (BILLY) bookshelf, I get a little extension, that doesn't use much space, is minimalistic but can house a pile of paperbacks :-)

Now I am dreaming of a real hack: Connect two LERBERGs back to back (on a board) and fasten the whole thing somehow onto a SNUDDA Lazy Susan... But for that I have to find 40x40 cm floorspace.

See more of the bookcase extension.

~ Susanne, Antequera

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