Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Another twinned Hemnes shoe cabinet

Materials: Hemnes shoe cabinet

Description: Do you remember the inspiring ScrapHacker's idea "HEMNES gets a double topping"?

I've decided to use it in my hallway, following the anonymous comment of removing one of the "sides" in the middle. Actually, instead of that, I've decided to keep both inner "sides" and I've removed one of the inner columns, as you can see in this photo.

First of all I did 4 mirrored holes in the rear side of the central column. Remember, the front side can not have any hole. Then I did the 10 holes in the opposite lateral side of the column. So, I mounted the Hemnes as a single shoe cabinet with 3 legs. Finally, because I don't consider myself a handyman and I don't even have a handsaw, I've kept untouched the two original top plates. Therefore the two twinned top plates have a bit of an overhang on each side of the cabinet as you can see in this final photo.

Last tip: according your firefighters, keep in mind you have to respect the hallways' standard measures.

So, ScrapHacker, you may be glad of being inspiring to someone else: me!

I hope your hack can still be helpful to more people.

~ Paulo, Canada

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