Monday, 21 May 2012

Spider lamp from FORS�

Materials: 8 FORS� table lamp, 1 BLANDA BLANK Serving bowl d = 20 cm, 1 BLANDA BLANK Serving Bowl, d = 8 cm

Description: This is not a usual home made Ikea hack. As a designer I wanted the product look professional, so I turned to locksmiths to put the parts together and have them painted.

I bought 8 Ikea FORS� table lamp, and only used the arms and the heads. A custom-made cylinder is holding them and a Blanda Blank Serving Bowl (20 cm, painted black) is hiding the wires. A black hollow shaft is connecting the lamp to the ceiling, the cover at the end is also a Blanda Blank, but the smallest one.

See more of the Forsa Spiderlamp.

~ Petra Nikoletti, Budapest, Hungary

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