Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Malm storage bed

Materials: Malm, Borken

Description: I was Googling something (don't remember what) the other day and came across IKEA Hackers! It's wonderful to see how creative people can be, and I've got a lot of new ideas for my own home.

I would like to contribute with some of my own hack's. Usually, the ideas are mine, but the handiwork is mostly done by my boyfriend, Bj�rn, so in these cases.

The bed is done with 2 MALM (his and hers, clothing storage), MDF, wallpaper, paint and some moldings.

The pet bed below is a Borken children's chair (from Bolagret)and an IKEA stool. I removed the top of the stool and placed it under the chair, where the chair was broken and voila; A bed for our wonderful cat.

I don't think you can find this stool at IKEA anymore, but i think you can do something like this using IKEA's products anyway. Cats like their bed a bit higher than dogs so perhaps you can do this with IKEA's own petbeds and their stools?!

~ Jill, Sweden

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