Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Built-in kitchen Ledberg

Materials: Ledberg (2 units)

Description: I wanted to put LED lighting under my kitchen cabinets on the cheap, so I bought 2 Ledberg units. But once home I encountered 2 problems:

- I wanted the switch on the bottom of the cabinet, and I also wanted to use the power socket inside the cabinet. But the Ledberg switch and power converter are fused on the wire, so I would have to make a hole in the cabinet at least as large as the power switch.

- The cabinets I wanted to add the lights to are 120 cm wide, but each Ledberg is 75 cm.

The last problem was easy to solve; some calculation assured me that a single Ledberg power supply could safely power 4 (and probably even 5) sections, so I made one long strip powered by just one of the power supplies (I used the remaining 2 sections and extra power supply to add backlighting to my PC monitor).

To solve the other problem, I initially considered cutting the wires, because I didn't want to disassemble the cabinet. But then I found that the power switch is made of 2 halves that are friction-fitted together, and can be pried apart with a bit of care. The switch component remaining on the wire after that was small enough to fit through a reasonably sized hole.

~ Eli, Belgium

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