Thursday, 31 May 2012

Billy Built In with Windowseat

Materials: 2 Billy book shelves, plywood (1side finished), trim, crown molding, miter saw, jig saw, table saw, drill, screws, upholstery foam, fabric, thread and sewing machine

Description: I knew Ikea could help us 'cheapen' our built-in plans. With my super smart and talented husband our end result looks like we paid big bucks to a professional!

To replicate:
- Put Billys together, position in desired location
- Use large 'L' brackets to add window seat connecting shelves
- Add face of windowseat (ours covered a radiator so we used a jig saw to make an opening for a tin mesh section to let the heat thru and a space for the bottom to 'breathe'
- Box out top with miter saw and add crown moulding
- Add trim to the face of the book shelves for a more custom/substantial look
- Our shelves came with drawers on casters (that I couldn't find on Ikea's website, maybe they aren't the Billy or have been discontinued)so we added trim to the bottom of them to balance the visual weight of the crown moulding
- Prime and paint
- Cover cushion in desired fabric


~ Lauren

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