Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The bachelor's living room

Materials: Expedit shelves, Solsta stool, Ribba photo shelves, Kottebo boxes

Description: Here is my living room setup using some of the wonderful ideas from IKEAhackers. My girlfriend says that our apartment looks like a bachelor's house so that was the inspiration for the title.

The project is simple: the 2x2 and 2x4 EXPEDIT shelves sit on 12cm legs, and the 1x5 shelf is mounted horizontally on the wall using the metallic mounting bracket included in the package (is holding just fine).

Under the horizontal shelf I put 3 SOLSTA stools that are great for guests and small parties. In one of the boxes I fitted the HUTTEN wine rack just by cutting 1cm from the top of each leg. The rest I decorated with the cool boxes from the KOTTEBO colection. Above I used two 110cm RIBBA photo shelves with different frames and different small baskets and bowls for potpurri and scented candles. The "biblio-bar" on the left is a really cool hack that I've seen on the webpage and I've reproduced with great success.

~ Marius, Bucharest

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