Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Custom walk-in Pax closet

Materials: two 19 5/8"x13 3/4" Pax units, one 39 1/4"x13 3/4" Pax units, two 13 3/4" deep Pax corner units, Antonious laundry bag with stand and casters, Garnityr boxes, 2-pack of Komplement hooks, two Komplement 13 3/4"pants hangers, four Komplement 18 1/8" wire baskets, two Komplement 19 5/8" shoe racks, two Komplement 37 3/4"shoe racks, one Komplement 37 7/8" clothes rail, one Komplement 18 1/8" clothes rail, two Tjusig racks

My walk-in closet was ugly, underutilized the space, and was too shallow, small, and oddly shaped for any expensive pre-made walk-in closet solution to work well (Elfa, ClosetMaid, Closet Factory, Allen + Roth (Lowes), etc.). I decided to use Ikea wardrobes instead.

I used the 13 3/4" deep Ikea Pax wardrobes, and just didn't buy the doors. Two fit my space, I needed two shallow corner, two 19 5/8", and one 39 1/4" wardrobes.

Ikea doesn't sell standard clothing rails for the shallower versions of the 19 5/8" and 39 1/4" wardrobes. Instead, they sell these odd rails that don't allow you to slide a hanger all the way from one side to the other. Instead, I bought the clothing rails for the full-depth wardrobes (one for the 19 5/8" wardrobe, and one for the 39 1/4" wardrobe). I drilled holes for them in the wardrobe sides and they work perfectly.

To fit the space, I shortened one of the 19 5/8" wide units to 15" (the one on the back wall) by sawing a few inches off the horizontal pieces and drilling new holes for the screws and wooden dowels. I added two Tjusig racks to the back of the closet door for more space.

The only non-Ikea hack I have is on the small wall next to the door, where I attached a $4 non-Ikea mirror with cabinet hinges so that I could swing it out when needed, but otherwise isn't in the way.

~ Nikki, Pasadena, CA

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