Monday, 19 March 2012

Wardrobe from HEMNES Glass Door Cabinet

Materials: HEMNES 10176268 Glass Door Cabinet, plumbing hardware

My office is outfitted with HEMNES bookcases, glass door cabinets, and a HEMNES dresser as a TV stand.

Without a closet, I needed a place to hang a jacket and to keep a spare outfit.

Enter HEMNES Glass Door Cabinet. I assembled it per the instructions EXCEPT:

1 - I did not use the shelves

2 - Prior to installing the top of the cabinet

a - Assemble plumbing hardware as shown below
b - Using a utility knife, lightly relieve the two horizontal cross bars to clear the plumbing flanges
c - Lay the plumbing hardware in place, install the top of the cabinet
d - Attach the plumbing hardware with 3/4" self-tapping screws


The hardware is 1/2" threaded plumbing hardware. One 8" nipple, two 1" nipples, two flanges, two 90 angles. A total of $11 at Home Depot!

See self-explanatory photos!


~ Sam @CashGap, Music City, USA

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