Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Dear Ingo-inspired chandelier hacked from 8 Tertial Worklamps

Materials: 8 X Tertial Work Lamps, 20mm thick board cut into a disc, threaded rods X 3

Always loved the look of Dear Ingo chandelier but could never bear to spend that kind of money so I got creative and voila!

1) Get a piece of 20mm thick timber board cut into a disc and have it stained dark

2) Clamp on 8 numbers of Tertial Work Lamps in equal distance around the disc and have all the wires connected so that it they turn on together (I had a handy electrician friend to help with this part of the work)

3) Drill 3 holes around the centre of the disc and secure the 3 threaded rods

4) Have the whole chandelier secured to the ceiling with the 3 threaded rods

5) Connect the wires and throw the switch

6) Position all the work lamps as desired

7) Invite some friends over and enjoy the accolades!

Note: would have looked better if the Tertials were spray-painted but I couldn't find the energy to do that.

See more of the Tertial lamps.

~ Max T., Singapore

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