Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sofa Fleece Blanket Bin and Magazine Storage

Sofa Fleece Blanket Bin and Magazine Storage

VIKA ANNEFORS x2, White Emulsion Paint, Glue (Double-sided Adhesive Tape or Instant Grab Adhesive)

Description: We needed somewhere to store our sofa's fleece blankets and my wife's collection of magazines and newspapers. We already had a white BESTA JAGRA TV Bench so I wanted a similar looking piece of furniture to put behind the sofa. Upon visiting our local IKEA store I spotted the VIKA ANNEFORS.

Sofa Fleece Blanket Bin and Magazine Storage

Basically, you turn the VIKA ANNEFORS on its side. If you follow the diagram, you'll notice the panels are reorientated to hide the shelf support holes. Two of the under surfaces are bare MDF and once the unit is on its side one of these will be visible, so you have to paint it white before assembly. I used white emulsion paint. The other surface isn't seen because it is butted up against the second unit. The shelf is glued into position with double-sided tape (or an adhesive of your own choosing).

We're pretty pleased with the result and the living room looks a lot tidier for it.

~ Malx, Fareham, Hampshire, England

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