Monday, 30 January 2012

Goliat drawer unit bench

Goliat drawer unit bench

Materials: 2 Goliat drawer units, thick foam, upholstery material, 2 sided sticky tape

Description: 1. Remove the casters from the 2 Goliat drawer units
2. Put them next to each other in a corner
3. Make a pillow case from upholstery material to cover the thick foam cut out to match the size of the surface of your soon-to-be bench
4. Make 2 similar foam cushions to lean on (back and side)
5. Stick the bottom foam cushion to the top of the drawer units with a 2 sided sticky tape to keep in place
6. Do the same with the other two cushions
7. Add an extra cushion or two for extra comfort and your useful bench is ready!

~ Marta

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