Friday, 30 December 2011

Custom Lego table with side pocket storage

IKEA LACK LEGO table with storage

Materials: Lack table, Glis storage boxes, Kusiner wall pockets, screws, paint, epoxy, LEGO base boards

Description: We wanted to create a custom LEGO table for our son. We started with an Ikea Lack table and taped off a space for storage boxes at the back. Then we drew a road and used a router to cut LEGO base boards to mold around the road. We epoxied both the boards and the first set of Glis boxes to the top of the Lack table.

IKEA LACK LEGO table with storage
IKEA LACK LEGO table with storage
IKEA LACK LEGO table with storage

We then painted the road and some land. We added a second set of Glis boxes stacked on top as they are great looking and reminded us of LEGOs. To add some additional storage for LEGO building bricks and instructions we attached a Kusiner wall pocket to the front and side using two screws at the top of each pocket. We simply cut off the extra bands at the top and used a match to burn the edges of the elastic we'd cut.

Voila, a custom LEGO table that A. didn't break the bank and B. is way more stylish that those commercially available.

See more of the LEGO table.

~ Alexis E., Frazier Park, CA

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