Tuesday, 29 November 2011

What a BONUS of a light!!

Materials: BONUS Cutlery, DOKUMENT Paperbasket, Kitchenstuff

Description: This is hack number 3 with all the items left over from the first two hacks BONUS cutlery. Maybe you remember number one and number two. The residues from cutlery BONUS I've added with small cookie cutters and kitchen utensils and a lamp socket scrued in the paper basket DOKUMENT.

Bonus lamp
Bonus lamp
Bonus lamp

Hung up all the items with the little hooks for hanging curtains DIGNITET. Then you need just to drill a few holes in the parts. This is in the other hacks already described and shown. And you're done. Great lamp for the dining table, less than 10 euro per piece and of curse a unique peace of art. Also: Good storage for cookie shapes that are actually needed just for X-mas! LOL

~ Beate, Lauchheim

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