Friday, 25 February 2011

Tolsby - A cheap and easy earring display

Materials: Tolsby frame, plastic cross-stitch canvas, scissors

Description: This hack is great for someone like me who loves to own a lot of earrings and need something to display them out neatly without costing too much.

The Tolsby is an excellent choice for earring display at home and for product selling, I have used this display for my local craft fairs to great effect.

It holds a decent amount of earrings for pierced ears, works well for studded and hook style ones of any size and shape.

1. Purchase a 7 count plastic cross-stitch canvas from a craft store. The '7 count' simply means there are 7 holes per inch on the canvas. I found that size the best to accommodate earrings.

2. Measure and cut out a 4x6 inch sheet from the canvas and slide into the frame. I managed to fill 4 Tolsby frames with the 1 plastic canvas I purchased.

3. Fill it with earrings!

~ Jen, Sydney

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