Friday, 21 January 2011

Kura bed transformed to kingsize bed with cosy cave

Materials: Kura bed

Description: My son and I live on very little space, so I wanted to make a bed for both of us that didn't take up too much space.

I bought a Kura bed, painted it white and removed one of the panels of the bed in order to fit an 140x200 cm mattress instead of the original 90x200 cm. The new mattress is much wider than the original, so I had to make new bed rails - I painted them blue. Below I put several bookshelves for my son's toys, as well as a lamp and glowing stars under the bed, for him to watch when going to sleep.

I painted the end of the bed with magnetic paint and on top of that paint to use chalk on. I also made curtains from Ikea fabric, so he can close them and have a nice little "cave" in there!

Now I sleep on top, and my son underneath - as a benefit all his toys fit under the bed, so I saved so much space!

~ Liv, Denmark

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