Wednesday, 26 May 2010

LACK of style

Materials: 2x LACK shelving units, 2x LACK small shelf, 1x LACK large shelf, 2x3 GRUNDTAL spots and dimmer

Description: The inspiration came from a trendy furniture store where they had this white furniture in front of this blue-green wall. As it was way over my budget, I had to improvise: enter the Ikea LACK shelves.

1. I used 2 LACK shelf units and 3 LACK shelves and a number of MDF panels.

2. Two green neon tubes were built inside the LACK shelf units as well as 6 GRUNDTAL spots on 2 dimmers.

3. All the cables go behind the MDF-panels, covered in white fake fur, which are placed ~2cm in front of the wall.

4. from 4mm MDF boards I made new fronts for the lack shelf units to make the 4 compartments somewhat look like old-school tv screens.

5. The top and sides of the shelf units are laminated with white plastic foil, so they look like they are made out of one solid piece.

Voila! I'm so happy with the result that I sometimes close the curtains just so I can put on the lights in my shelf. :)

See more of Bram's stylish Lack.

~ Bram D., Netherlands

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