Friday, 30 October 2009

One for the coop

Susan, a mother and chicken owner from Northern Ireland, uses the Ikea Antonius range as a new bug-free chicken nest box and storage unit. The drawers were cut with a sharp knife to create the nest boxes. Chickens love their new home!

See more of Susan's chicken nest box instructions and more photos on Flickr.

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Built-in Besta entertainment center

George is quite the hacker and has started his own blog documenting his personal Ikea hacks.

"I've done two kitchen remodels over the past few years where I hacked/modified Ikea cabinets, however I never documented the hacks. Anyway, I just posted an entertainment center build where I hacked a couple Ikea Besta products.

The point of the Besta hack is to raise the speakers, hide the components and cables. There is also a neat sliding shelf for the receiver.

built-in besta entertainment centrebuilt-in besta entertainment centrebesta entertainment centre

Hop over for a looksee.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

iMac computer desk

G�rard from The Netherlands has a sleek solution for his iMac.

"My Apple iMac obstructed our dinner table for a year. My wife did not make much of it. To please her I did a little Ikea hacking. I bought a Ludvig Laptop shelf/charging station. And a Ludvig Router/modem wall cabinet. I used the wall cabinet as computer stand and the laptop shelf for my keyboard and mouse. Both Ludvigs have nice compartments for various stuff (Hard drives, headset, DVD�s etc.) The set is complemented with a Vitamin stool. When not in use the shelf is put to rest and the computer is not in the way. I think it is a nice hack and my wife is pleased. Mission accomplished."

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Halloween costume - Toxic barrel of waste

Just a few more days before Halloween and if you're desperate for a costume, this is a quick and easy one from Rebecca.

"My oldest son's Halloween costume this year is an Ikea hack. He's going as a barrel of toxic waste. We made this from an Ikea Dimpa hamper. We cut head and arm holes, and painted it up."

Low budget network cabinet

Oliver builds a network thingamajig inside a PS cabinet.

He says, "We built a network cabinet based on Ikea PS Cabinet "Doppelt�r PS Schrank" from Germany. View the original article in German."

Better yet, read the google translation. "Does not this look brilliant? Made class!" Cracks me up.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Halloween goes East

The day for ghouls and goblins will soon be upon us. Tien and friends decide to go Japanese this year. Why not? Witches and vampires are so last season.

"My friends and I are going for a Japanese theme this year. For one of my friends, I wanted to make a sexy kimono (was inspired by Emiri Miyasaka's kimono, right).

The cheapest place for colorful fabrics by far is Ikea (at least in my city). So, I purchased the fabric, took about 6 hours of planning and sewing (didn't really have a pattern... just kind of made it up as I went).

Turned out rather nice. It wasn't expensive - cost me about 180 kr (roughly $25, but it's probably even cheaper in the US). Below is my makeshift pattern. I based it off of this. Here are the measurements I used and how I did it. I kind of eyeballed the measurements, so it's not exactly as that, but I tried my best to remember the measurements for the instructions.


Obviously, one can go longer and multiple layer it, but I have to make 4 costumes for my friends and simplest is best. Hope someone tries this (but not in my city :D). It's going to be an awesome Halloween."

Monday, 26 October 2009

Movable laptop desk

Linda hacks together a mobile laptop desk. She didn't provide the names but I think the base is a Besta height extension unit. The shelf is supported by Capita legs.

Linda says, "I have a laptop computer with a battery out of order, a subwoofer and external hard disk. I wanted a piece of furniture that could hold all of them. I created it after two hours in Ikea Cronenbourg at Strasbourg in Alsace."

Friday, 23 October 2009

Ecomodder Ikea LED hack

A hack that Mother Earth will approve. This Ecomodder is from Marcus.

"I'm a furniture designer and a ruthless hacker of all things found, discarded and misused. I have a thread going on where I am building a Kamm back aerodynamic mod for my Previa van. I'm getting 43% above The EPA mileage rating for my van with a record of 36mpg highway with normal driving techniques. My Ikea hack involves Dioder lighting strips and aluminium rails from the as-is section. The dioder lights are 12V and make perfectly cool turn signals. The aluminium strips make a great lightweight frame for the coroplast.

The Kamm back reduces the aerodynamic drag on my van. At highway speeds over half of an average car's fuel is consumed to overcome aerodynamic drag.

Much of the drag on a car can be reduced drastically. This drag is expressed as a coefficient. In my case the Previa has a stock coefficient of drag or Cd of .35. If I cut that in half, to .17, I should cut my fuel consumption by over 27% The Kamm back I made theoretically reduces my highway drag by about 15% which should translate into a fuel savings of 7.5%. That's 7.5% less Co2 and everything else. I'm also working on a belly pan using the ikea aluminum slats which smoothes out the airflow under belly of the car, good for another 6%.

The LED lights consume less energy than incandescent turn signals which in turn uses less fuel because a car's engine generates electricity using the alternator and that takes fuel.

Since I've been doing this over a year ago, I've saved over 85 gallons of gasoline and emitted 750lbs less Co2 than a stock Previa. I'm using 46% less gas than the EPA rating on my vehicle and thus emitting 46% less pollution. Part of that is thanks to Ikea hacks.

I also reduce my footprint by riding my electric motorcycle when I don't need the Van which reduces my emissions by 99.9% although I can't say Ikea hacks help there."

See more of it over at Ecomodder.

Pyrography your kitchen utensil

Victoria goes arty with the $0.49 Kitchen Utensil Set. Reminds me of henna.

But unlike henna which is drawn on, the designs are "burnt" onto the wood. Victoria explains that Pyrography is a little used process in the design industry ... and can be used to create interesting effects on the ready made."

See more of Victoria's Pyrography technique.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Lack Drafting Table

Nate turns his Lack table into a drafting table.

My Lack table started to show some wear, so I replaced it with a different bedside table. I turned the old Lack table into a drafting table for my design work. The extra legs made great pencil holders that match the finish. The entire project requires 2 hinges, 8 screws, a bit of super glue, and an elementary understanding of Trig."

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Patrull Lathe splashguard

Alan finds an easy solution for his lathe splashback.

"I've been meaning to make a splashback for my little Taig / Peatol lathe for a while, I was thinking of using some aluminium sheet and folding something up, but hadn't got around to it. Browsing in Ikea, I saw their Patrull stove / hob guard. It looked about the right size and 1mm Stainless Steel, with safe edges and folded over so it's very rigid too. It had a central part so it can expand outwards too. Best of all it's only �10.00 or with an Ikea Family card a smidge over �7.00. Can't buy the materials for that, and you get a free cup of tea and a handful of wooden coffee stirrers too!

I folded it up and it's absolutely spot on, it grips to the base of my lathe as if it's made for it. Holes are in the right place, plus I have a chunk of stainless steel from the central part spare too. Comes with dome nuts and extra brackets which I can adapt and make it into a really sturdy job! It'd work just as well for other small desktop lathes, unimats, micro mills etc too.

It's magnetic, so I can fit my little magnetic tin storage boxes to it too (Also from Ikea - they normally fix onto their steel white boards). Ikea is a good place to look for items which have other uses around the home and workshop. Great for putting those little allen keys and chuck keys in so you don't lose them the instant you put them down.

For under a tenner - what a steal, a stainless steel you could say. Great idea for thinking outside the flat pack. Also picked up some Dralla chopping boards - �1.79 for two, great for protecting the bench top when working on any small projects and dirt cheap too, made from Polyethylene with a textured non slip finish, oh and a little Birch cutlery tray, solid wood, finger jointed corners, pre-finished and �6.99!"

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Easy soap stand

Lydia comes up with an elegant soap stand for her tub.

"I wanted to pass along something I just completed - while I'm using it as tub decor, you can easily take the idea to make cake stands out of any plate and candlestick with a wide enough top. I started with the shorter Skimmer candlestick and a Smarta pie plate from Ikea. I painted both purple and glued together with Gorilla Glue. Added some lavender soaps and bath accessories and voila!"

See more of Lydia's soap stand.

Monday, 19 October 2009

The lowdown on the Expedit TV unit

Tess (and Patrick) share the latest project they undertook to convert a boxy Expedit TV unit into a low slung one.

"My husband Patrick thought we'd share the latest project we undertook a few weeks ago! We bought the Expedit TV Storage Unit in 2007. It did a great job not only holding our TV and book/DVD collection, but hiding an ugly fireplace in our living room. When we moved last year, the tall, boxy TV unit still served it's purpose for our storage needs, but in our new living room, rendered the far corner of the room 'dead space'. We decided a long-and-low TV/bookcase storage unit that stretched the length of the room would be ideal. After searching around for freestanding and built-in options costing $$$$s, the answer was staring us in the face all the time - why not take apart our TV unit and put it back together as two separate bookcases? All we needed to buy was material for the end pieces, and some wooden planks plus MDF board cut-to-size and painted did the job. Granted there was a lot of extra holes drilled and long screws holding it together (and a lot of dowls!) and the top surface does have a few superfluous screw holes exposed. But for under $100 we now have a 'custom built' TV and storage unit that fits perfectly in our living room."

Friday, 16 October 2009

Antonius cable manager

Tom found an alternative to the Signum cable manager. His uses the Antonius clothes hanger. If you don't have a lot of cables, this could be ideal.

"I recently found a nifty solution for the crippling problem of cable management. It might not be suitable for super computers but it does work for my desk. It was built by screwing Ikea Antonius coat hangers to the underside of the desk using long enough wood screws. To give it a bit of stability, I used a hollow tube (like piping cut to length) for the hangers to sit on."

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Gorm pedalboard for guitarists

Christopher gives the Gorm rockstar appeal.

"Guitarists use lots of gadgets sometimes. One of their favorite gadgets are effects pedals. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors, and they usually are stomped on to activate. Well, I was at Ikea one day a few years ago and noticed that the Gorm shelf would make a really nice cheap pedalboard. This is my most recent.

A lot of guitarists have caught on. There's a thread on a musicians forum dedicated to Gorm pedalboards! (One of them below, via Harmony Central) Some people even paint them but the same basic pattern follows. Cheap Gorm shelf, Velcro, and voila! Pedalboard. Cheap, sturdy, awesome."

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hutten wine storage in Expedit unit

Brad adds a wine nook in his Expedit. Enough to stash away a few bottles of red and wine as well as glasses.

"I love my Expedit unit. It has become a handy storage and decorative center piece in my home. I hacked a Hutten wine bottle storage to fit into the 2-by-4 Expedit. The Hutten is the perfect width as-is to fit into a bay in the Expedit. It is about an inch and half too tall, though. I measured the Expedit and trimmed the upright posts to the correct height. I then drilled new holes in the vertical bits to move them all down roughly the same distance that I trimmed from the posts. The fit is perfect, and very convenient. I initially intended to stain the Hutten to match the dark brown tone of the Expedit, but once I had it in there, I decided that I like the contrast of the dark and light wood tones. I also added an Ikea wine glass rack into the neighboring bay."

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Stolmen vertical pot rack

This is a terrific idea from Andrew. A pot rack in the corner of the kitchen, standing almost sculpture like. 

"I thought people here would be interested in the pot rack I devised for our recent kitchen renovation. While we added plenty of storage to the space, I prefer pots to be easily accessible, but we did not want to have them hanging from the ceiling in the center of the space. Fortunately, we had a small corner of unused space between a cabinet and entryway that was sized just right for a column of pots. Our system uses one pole from the Stolmen shelving system ($30), a handful of double-sided brackets (6 for $15), and Grundtal hooks of two sizes (5 for $3). It is extremely sturdy, can easily hold hundreds of pounds of pots, and is held in place with pressure alone, obviating the need for screws and making it easy to disassemble and move to another location. (The Stolmen system is meant to be screwed in place on both ends, but once I had it up, it was clearly solid enough to stay put without them). I hope this is helpful."

Monday, 12 October 2009

Cool it with this media unit

Matt supercools the his new media storage unit made from Efektiv office wall cabinets.

"I recently moved into a new efficiency apartment and I though I would try to contain the mess of wires that go along with an entertainment center. I noticed this hacked TV stand so I did the same thing but added on a little. I ended up adding a sheet of 1/4" plywood onto the back so I could easily mount computer case fans that I purchased from Monoprice to remove heat from the enclosure. As you can see I have a cable modem, wireless router, wireless network attached drives, receiver, and all the power supplies internally. I know it is messy inside but that is exactly why I made this so the mess is contained internally."

Friday, 9 October 2009

Craft cabinet

Kristin tucks an ultra-hardworking craft area into a computer armoire. It's amazing to see how much stuff she managed to sneak in there.

"Using several Ikea products, I took an old computer armoire and cabinets to make a scrapbooking/craft/desk/office area. I don't know the names of the actual parts I used, but you can see it all with descriptions on my blog. The desktop is actually the glass door for a tall cabinet or armoire that I found in the as-is section (my favorite!) for about $10. My husband cut some MDF to place under it for stability, and I used the small cabinets on each end. Inside the armoire are towel rods for ribbon spools, bins for storage, metal strips with magnets, and magnetic spice containers for storing smaller pieces"

See more of Kristin's craft armoire.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ingo and Stefan dining set hack

Anny gives the Ingo and Stefan a little sparkle.

"I painted I got an Ingo table and two Stefan chairs for $10 on Craigslist a few months ago. Add a can of Silver Aluminum paint ($1 clearance at Home Depot), sealant ($8 after 10% off mover's coupon), upholstery fabric ($10 for 3 yards at a designer's garage sale) and A LOT of time spent sanding to yield my very first Ikea hack!"

See more of Anny's dining table and chair hack!