Friday, 11 September 2009

A Besta bunny hutch for Eames

Nicole and boyfriend has the cutest bunny ever, Eames, named after the renowned designers. And of course, a bunny with a famous name can't live in a shabby hole. It needs a specially designed hutch.

Nicole says, "My boyfriend and I created a bunny hutch from a Besta shelving unit. We wanted something that wouldn't be an eyesore. The frame is an Ikea piece, the door on the right has hinges so it can easily be closed - the back of that half is wire grate, like you see on the front. We cut a hop through hole in the vertical piece that separated the two halves. The left door was the most complicated - it was made from scratch. It has hidden hinges near the top - so it can be opened, and pins near the bottom that lock it in place. The legs are Ikea as well. The floor of the hutch is tiled, with very nice glass tile. Spoiled bunny? I think so."

See more of the bunny hutch.

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