Thursday, 15 May 2008

hey, hey it's headboard day

after 2 years my sultan bed is still headboard-less. i've been toying with the idea of painting a mural instead of mounting a headboard ... but that would depend on how motivated i get. these are some ideas i could use though, should the paint job be too painful.

tracy's pax headboard
"our grand headboard is actually 2 pax wardrobe doors that we turned on their sides and air-nailed to the wall," she lets us in on the secret. "we were lucky enough to find the doors at a second hand store, but even bought new it's a cheaper alternative to any headboard i've ever seen." the curlies above the board add a nice touch.

grand headboard
melissa's surreal headboard

this may be the closest thing to painting a mural. a definite maybe. i just got to find the right picture that i can wake up to every morning.

melissa tells us how:
"i uploaded a photo i took of Central Park to downloaded and printed the resulting pdf.

surreal headboardmounted the mural with krylon repositionable spray adhesive so that it can be removed from the walls of my rental.

surreal headboardhung a ikea lill curtain with the dignitet curtain ring with clip to some silver metallic pushpins hammered directly into the wall. then, simply enjoy my new room with a view!

shane's padded malm headboard
shane liked the malm but wanted a headboard that was taller and padded so he could sit in bed to read or work on his laptop.

tall padded headboardtall padded headboardas a result he also had to reposition the bedside tables.

bedside tablesee more of shane's padded malm headboard on his blog or flickr photoset with notes.

miguel's recycled vika headboard
miguel took an old vika amon table top and hung it horizontally as a headboard for his bed.

simple headboardsimple headboardsimple headboardno fuss. pretty clean. see more of miguel's headboard.

[added 28 May 2008]

a wicked wicker headboard
curtis does a headboard too, with the an ikea wicker room divider (name unknown) hung horizontally.

room divider headboardsee his flickr set for instructions and more photos.

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