Tuesday, 8 April 2008

boring room for your kid? here's what jo did!

jo fashions a hideaway for her son - a little nook he can crawl into and get lost at sea. best thing is, most of the stickers and accessories are removable. so once he gets over the penguins-and-fish phase, the room can evolve again.

she says, "when we built our house this year, we used a number of ikea items to make my son's bedroom. we used one of the upside down beds but felt it was a bit unsafe so my hubby built a rail and post to hang one of the compartment hangers on.

i made a curtain to hang on the front to make it more like a cave, we used shelves as steps/storage, stripa shelves to fill a small gap at the end of the bed. the room also uses ikea wall lamps, mirrors and a chair."

see more of babyebi's room.

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