Thursday, 3 April 2008

and this is how you should do a loft

alex sent me his gorgeous hack - a room divider to separate his living and bedroom.

loft room dividerhe says, "moved into a loft in downtown L.A. and needed to divide up the living space and create a closet as well. (two full baths but no closet!!!)

loft room divideranyway, found these ready made counter tops in the as-is section. normally they are 100.00 a piece but got all seven for 10.00 a piece. stood them on end and created this room divider/closet. i built them in a u shape so i could put the wardrobe in and help with stability.

i also created a computer desk/couch table with the shorter counter top by adding the chrome adjustable legs.

loft room dividerthe wardrobe side is not completed yet but i was able to create the door you see by taking four shelf pieces found in the as-is section as well. i simply stood the pieces on end and inserted aluminum strips from home depot . eventually it will hang on a exposed track with 'barn door' hardware so that it slides in order to maximize space."

loft room divider

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