Wednesday, 23 January 2008

how to make an inspiration board

i've been meaning to make an inspiration board but, as usual, got derailed. lisa z's hack re-inspired me again. love the aging of the ung drill picture frame.

lisa writes, "i hacked an ung drill black picture frame by taking out glass. i tried to save it but it broke. i then painted it with white craft paint (from michael's craft store) and an old brush not covering thoroughly as i wanted it to look old.

ung drill picture frameinspiration boardadded 2 layers of cardboard (i couldn't find cork so used what i had). painted the cardboard white then took at walnut stain and sprayed it on and then smudged it with an old paintbrush to make it look aged.

inspiration boardadded my foo-foo stuff with upholstery tacks and it looks great hanging in my art studio now."

see more on lisa's blog.

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