Friday, 28 December 2007

a kickass litterbox cabinet

deanna made a litterbox cabinet for about $80. best thing is, no one needs to know that it is a litterbox.

cat litterboxhidden cat litterboxcat litterbox
you'll need:
1 akurum base cabinet with 2 arlig doors
a pair of shelves
4 tryggve shelves

"this is a really easy cabinet that requires no cutting tools (except a box cutter!)

i assembled the cabinet like normal except i cut the bottom third of the backboard off (use a box cutter and one of the shelves as a guide). i then pre-drilled some holes and then screwed the tryggve shelves in place. they lie flush with the front and sides, and overhang a good 6" off the back. this hides the fact that the cabinet is 6" from the wall.

i've seen many people cut holes in the side of the cabinet, but i don't have tools to do that. plus, if the entrance to the cabinet was on the side, the litter would still get tracked on the carpet. with the entrance at the back, any litter tracked on the carpet is behind the cabinet.

diy cat litterboxcat litterboxso far it works great. even with only half of the backing and cheap shelves for the top, the unit is very solid and stable. i am going to stain the wood and possibly paint a design on the melamine. right now i have a half of a bamboo roll-up blind serving as a place mat."

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