Tuesday, 27 November 2007

buffalo bill wardrobe and room divider

i love this amazing wardrobe room divider from wouter. you'll never guess, underneath all those horns is a plain old pax wardrobe.

wouter says, "i was asked to make a cloakroom/bookcase covering this massive wardrobe for a new apartment to divide the bedroom from the corridor. the wardrobe is ikea (pax nexus?) for sure (as seen as on the bad picture of course - the 'before' situation).

ikea pax nexus wardrobebefore

the front (or back of the wardrobe) is based on a custom made pallet, the wardrobe is still the wardrobe, painted in colour (buffalo, true) by hand, the graphic is an adhesive label and the seven handles are made by an artist specially for this furniture. she's a welder, and she decided to make them from prefab steel curves, i was very content with the results. finally i brought them to a car sprayer, and he coated them transparent.

buffalo horn wardrobe room dividerroom divider with retractable night standretractable night table

wardrobe room dividerwardrobe room divider
the results are quite pure, only screws (unfortunately we didn't use the socket wrench) - which meant no glue or anything, FSC wood, water based paint, metal, the tag and some hidden lights and personal gadgets.

wardrobe room dividerwardrobe room dividerplan and construction was realised in about two weeks, late night workshop hours, but lots of fun and very satisfying in the end. so please... do it yourself (drawings included)."
wardrobe room divider drawingsview from front

wardrobe room divider drawingsview from back

wardrobe room divider drawings
view from right

wardrobe room dividerview from left

palletstyle: wouter

construction: wouter and timo baerwaldt

graphics (and theme): annelies van limbeek

handles: christel kanbier

thanks to fransje

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