Wednesday, 14 November 2007

a ramberg laundry hamper

joan sends in her version of a large capacity laundry hamper, made from a ramberg chest.

she writes, "i started with a ramberg chest with 3 drawers. picture 1 is the final result, picture 2 is opened hamper.

wooden laundry hamperoversized laundry hamperthe idea was to gut the interior to make a presentable, large hamper. (picture 3 is interior, picture 4 is the back support for the lid)

large laundry hamper insidelarge laundry binnone of the interior drawer parts were used. the extra parts are:
  • some 1" by 1" boards to support the front sides
  • a 1" by 2" by 34" board to support the hinge for the top
  • a 1" by 2" by 34" board to support the hinge for the bottom front
  • a slab of masonite to fill the bottom (the drawer parts were too narrow)
  • and of course a 30" piano hinge
we still haven't figured out how to readily open it: we currently squeeze our fingers below the top panel. we are thinking of screwing in a fake vase or an ash tray onto the lid as a handle."

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