Thursday, 27 September 2007

Heartbroken over Goteborg

finally, some thing different! a poem for a sofa.

"I remember fondly a spring day,
seven years ago this May.
That�s when my new Goteborg came home to play.
It was my second apartment, all on my own
Into a two bedroom I had grown.
I skipped through Ikea, glisten in my eye.
To my Goteborg I would fly.
He was so handsome and proud, a crisp green
surely he wouldn�t be hard to keep clean.
Finally he was home completing my set
so sadly I would regret.
The stains of time, so set in and true�
The fades of the sun have hit him too.
Why not throw the cover in the wash you say?
I did, to my dismay...
I ended up with shreds of threads
Looking like hay.
Please bring back my Goteborg today�
Tears and rips, alas what shall I do?
Bemz shall help renew,
The love of my Goteborg has remained true.
He has been my warmth on a rainy day�
and my perch to watch the birdies play.
He has sat with my friends when a movie would fright�
Been a shelter on a cold night.
O� how I long for him to stay�
but dire straits put me in a pinch.
The money I can�t stretch another inch.
No cover, no money the outcome is up to you�.

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