Friday, 29 June 2007

sexy samtid bedside lamp

another hack from adam who a little while back sent in the benjamin laptop stand. this time it's a samtid lamp shade pimp.

"i love the samtid as it, but it's very bright for a bedside lamp. i found a sheet of self adhesive walnut laminate from a woodworking store that was only $15. i trimmed the veneer down to the approximate size, peeled off the backing, and stuck the samtid shade down.

bedside lamp shadesthe plastic shade makes a sturdy base for the laminate - press firmly and make sure it sticks. i used a hole punch to cut the holes out for the frame.

walnut bedside lamp shadesonce the shade is assembled as normal i put two coats of shellac onto it, let it dry, and presto! a sexy modern lampshade.

samtid bedside lamptip: you could also do this hack with some sticky vinyl cutouts similar to lilybee's table hack."

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