Sunday, 30 December 2007

and so we've come to the end...

... of 2007. and that can only mean one thing ... it's the time to vote for the ikea hack of the year! woo!

i must admit that i've had a really hard time this year choosing only 10 finalists, since i have a lot more to pick from than last year. so, after a very delightful walk down the last 12 months, i present to you - not 10 - but 20 of my favourite hacks of 2007.

kai's sleek stolmen desk

simple, clean lines. makes good use of the stolmen poles to suspend the desk.

zach's tabletop guitar
by far the most bizzare hack i've received to date. a guitar made out of ikea dining table wood. some reviewers say zach's guitars sound pretty darn good too.

jerker desk cable management
a smart solution that hides everything under the jerker. as a neat freak, i love how every component has its place.

bamboo dish clock
once a dish. now a good looking clock.

splatgirl's stylish bathroom hacks
splatgirl's bathroom is hack heaven. lots of clever hacks, beautifully done.

malmese twins tv unit
neat, compact tv solution from malm bedside tables. the floating effect really works for me.

sink bowl hack
bowl sinks cost a bomb - this one is on a budget and looks just as good.

sectional sleeper from footstools
looks like a sofa but it's put together from daybeds and footstools. flip the footstools and they become storage too.

bookcase secret door passageway
how can i possibly say no to secret doorways?

tertial chandelier
lamp or mutant spider? love the weirdness.

lazymonster's grundtal laptop stand
a paper towel holder hack that makes your mac look like a masterpiece.

big capacity laundry bin
useful and good looking. what more can i ask for in a laundry bin?

minimalist desk
drool worthy desk that slides in to reveal a keyboard. ooh la la.

modern baby crib
a simple touch changed a jail cell to a totally cool crib.

sara's roll away cat litter box
2 snack boxes makes one amazing cat litter.

sofa table from salvaged legs
for a low sofa table, this works big time. bamboo wood combined with imfors legs.

pronomen bath tub surround
the pronomen countertop is fast becoming one of my favourite 'raw' materials. it works beautifully in this bathroom.

buffalo bill wardrobe room divider
the jury is still out on this. is this a just a gorgeous paint job or a great hack?

bedside beauty table
i love vintage posters and the noresund bedside table is the perfect showcase.

turtle terrarium from tv unit
far out! never thought i would be watching turtles instead of tv on this media unit.

which hack will you vote as the ikea hack of 2007? get clicky clicky.

update: voting is now closed for this poll.
marcus's turtle terrarium takes top spot with 16% votes (15 Jan 2008)!

you may also want to revisit last year's top 10 and winner.

cheers and happy new year!

2007 from the rear view mirror

2007 is the first full year for ikeahacker and what a ride it has been. some good, some misses. like many bloggers, i did come to a point where i wondered where to take this blog and whether i should even be continuing with it. but here i am at the end of 2007 and feeling pretty upbeat about 2008. i know i wouldn't have made it to 490 posts (including one last post today on 2007's top hacks) without your readership, hacks and comments. thanks, all of you.

i also want to thank other larger communities like the instructables ikeahacks group, ikeafans and liferemix, for inviting ikeahacker to join their fold. blogging can be lonely and it was wonderful finding kindred spirits.

a special thanks to bemz for sponsoring our contest. i learnt a lot running that contest and will definitely cook up an exciting one for 2008.

another good thing is how ikeahacking is gaining popularity and press coverage. getting some ink on the new york times, german paper, spiegel and many others were some of the best moments of 2007. but big boys aside, it is really you who read ikeahacker, blogged about it, told your friends and linked to it that made all the difference. thank you thank you thank you.

i will be taking tomorrow off. will be back on the 2nd with a fabulous hack to kick off 2008. you too, have a wonderful start to your new year.

jules, signing out.

a new bathroom for a new year

melissa is a visual merchandiser at ikea, east palo alto and does a great job with her bathroom remodel.

"this is how i took my parents' outdated 60's mint and cantaloupe bathroom into the present and made it relaxing, all on a budget.

bathroom decorbathroom decorbefore
i decided to use kitchen cabinets because of a number of reasons including the fact that there are so many more door styles and cabinet layouts plus my family is tall so the added height so we didn't have to bend over so far to wash our faces in the sink.

a few extra touches to make the akurum cabinets work perfectly: cut about 2" off the back half of the sink area cabinets to have a shallower, bathroom cabinet depth; cut a hole out of the right, bottom side of the tall cabinet and put it on hinges so the motor to the spa tub could be accessed if needed. the tall cabinet was the perfect solution to the lack of towel storage elsewhere in the house.

bathroom decorbathroom decorbathroom decorafter

we made it look built-in by building a sheet rocked frame all the way around it. the large drawers were also perfect for a bathroom laundry basket since my brother could never seem to get them back to his room. the korrekt handles were perfect too so that i wouldn't be jabbing myself in the leg if i needed to lean closer to the mirror and the burken jars were the perfect size to hold my Q-Tips and cottonballs."

Saturday, 29 December 2007

stencil your slipcovers for a fresh new look

when you want a fancy slipcover but can't afford a bemz, why not try stenciling it yourself? villain did just that.

villain writes, "i just moved into a loft in boston and refurbished my old klippan sofa along with a tullsta chair. inspired by bemz slipcovers (way too expensive for a couple of grad students, sadly!), i went to work using a stencil and jacquard fabric paint.

i actually just used the $20 cream slipcover from ikea! as for the stencils, i got them at (lame i know, but stencils can be hard to find!) and used a large stencil brush with jacquard fabric paint from dickblick.

i put the slipcover on the sofa and painted in a circular motion, from the outside to the inside. i varied the amount of paint to create images that were either more substantial or more shadowy. the fabric paint should be heat set, so i ironed the slipcover on the reverse and then scotchguarded the dickens out of it just to be safe.

the chair is not really 'iron-able' (save the cushions) so it got a heavy scotchguard treatment too. pretty simple, really. i also sewed a few throw/floor pillows, and now everything is starting to come together!"

see more on villain's blog.

Friday, 28 December 2007

a kickass litterbox cabinet

deanna made a litterbox cabinet for about $80. best thing is, no one needs to know that it is a litterbox.

cat litterboxhidden cat litterboxcat litterbox
you'll need:
1 akurum base cabinet with 2 arlig doors
a pair of shelves
4 tryggve shelves

"this is a really easy cabinet that requires no cutting tools (except a box cutter!)

i assembled the cabinet like normal except i cut the bottom third of the backboard off (use a box cutter and one of the shelves as a guide). i then pre-drilled some holes and then screwed the tryggve shelves in place. they lie flush with the front and sides, and overhang a good 6" off the back. this hides the fact that the cabinet is 6" from the wall.

i've seen many people cut holes in the side of the cabinet, but i don't have tools to do that. plus, if the entrance to the cabinet was on the side, the litter would still get tracked on the carpet. with the entrance at the back, any litter tracked on the carpet is behind the cabinet.

diy cat litterboxcat litterboxso far it works great. even with only half of the backing and cheap shelves for the top, the unit is very solid and stable. i am going to stain the wood and possibly paint a design on the melamine. right now i have a half of a bamboo roll-up blind serving as a place mat."

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

make an ivar trellis

a quick post before i head down south for a few days of r&r with family. also wanted to take the chance to wish you merry christmas and happy holidays. i hope you have a wonderful time filled with peace and joy.


this one is from anna who used some pieces from the ivar shelving system to make a trellis for her balcony. bamboo sticks tied to the ivar units complete the set-up.

wooden diy trelliswooden diy trellisanna says, "it worked out really nice once the flowers grew and climbed up the trellis. and now it provides shade from the sun and makes for a cozy spot... i am so very happy with my hack!"

Saturday, 22 December 2007

glamorized isig christmas ornaments

one more holiday hack before the big day hits us.

grace glams up the ikea isig ball ornaments with some glue and glitter. she also does the same with vintage ornaments.

see more christmas ornaments.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

ikea gorm art

in september, there was an art exhibition in germany that used ikea in its creations. matthias, one of the artists, sent me some of his sculptures made from gorm shelves.

ikea artikea artikea artikea artikea arthe tells me, "an art exhibition together with about 20 local artists gave me the opportunity to show these temporary sculptures in the garden of rumpenheim castle, germany. the sculptures are named "Wrong Assembly" which made a lot of the visitors smile. they are made from gorm shelves, posts, height expansion posts and from observat�r cross-braces."

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

a simple mod on the lack tv unit

jonas tipped me on this media set-up, modified from the lack tv unit, on minhembio. both sides of the tv unit are removed and replaced by metal legs.

tv unittv unitsee more on minhembio (warning! the site has lots of pics so it takes a long time to load and the lack hack is way, way at the bottom)

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

sylvie's delightful green bathroom

slyvie from france does a wonderful makeover for her bathroom. i love the green tiles.

"here is our bathroom makeover, using pronomen countertop which i tainted dark to make it look like exotic wood (but much cheaper!) and varnished.

here are a few 'before' pictures of the bathroom.

bathroom makeoverbathroom makeoverand some 'after'.

bathroom makeoverbathroom makeoverwe used some tiles made by my boyfriend's grandfather here in s�vres, capitale de la porcelaine! we kept the bath but changed the sink, and put in a matching shelf under the window. we measured everything to fit the length of two pronomen, and the whole makeover was a real bargain."

Sunday, 16 December 2007

m2jl's ikea hacks

marie of m2jl studio sends me two lovely hacks.

"for lighting, we used inexpensive regolit light from ikea, some wool and some glue to create lamps inspired by the beautiful MOOOI�s Random lights." just make sure you don't wrap the wool around the shade too tightly to retain its shape.

the other is this personalized snille chair using some tape, a scalpel and spray paint.

see more of marie's random lights and personalized snille chair.

Friday, 14 December 2007

a doctor's front desk

janet is doctor. she's also pretty handy. with the help of her boyfriend, they custom-made this front desk workspace from ikea pieces.

she writes, "i needed a large front desk for my office staff and had neither the time nor the patience to have one built by a carpenter.

front deskfront desk officereceptioni used one expedit bookcase, two small effektiv file cabinets, two reclaimed effektiv tabletops (dressing for the base), as well as two cast-off maple drafting tabletops i found on craigslist. additional effektiv file cabs are seen in the photos as well as a large pax wardrobe that houses my server and supplies.

although it is not well visualized in the photos, i underlit the hanging edge with rope lighting. much of my office is ikea and ikea hacked, from therapy bay to the exam rooms."

see more of dr janet's front desk flickr set